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04/25/16 Pirates of Alcyone (WAA 8.5)


The War of Alien Aggression 

title ANTHO working

The War of Alien Aggression (Box Set One)

All of Humanity’s first alien conflict in a single volume – the 2164-2165 war from the first engagement to the final detonations. 550 pages, 192K words
HARDWAY (book one)
Intelligent life reaches out to Humanity using particle beam weapons and masers. The pilots and crew of the privateer carrier Hardway are first to fight in the conflict that quickly escalates from a bloody first contact to a full-scale interstellar war.
130 pages
KAMIKAZE (book two)
The privateer carrier Hardway invades Procyon to destroy an alien blockade gun meant to keep the human race confined. Hardway and her pilots meet their match in the Squidies’ massive gun and the alien aces that protect it until the privateers discover why the aliens are beating them and commit to paying for victory in war’s only true currency.
96 pages
LANCER (book three)
Privateer Admiral Harry Cozen needs pilots for an experimental fighter squadron, so he offers the inmates of Bailey Prison a deal. Colt is serving 5-7 and he knows the deal is too good to be true, but he still takes it. He and the rest of the C-Block nuggets learn to fly the new F-151 and prepare to sortie against alien aces on a mission he knows is far more dangerous than anyone’s telling them.
117 pages
TAIPAN (book four)
Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen’s bitter rival from Staas Company. She stole his fighter program and his thousand new pilots. Now, she’s determined to use them as cannon fodder. Nobody can argue with her battle record, but the officers and crew of Hardway and the Lancers of the 133rd Fighter Test Squadron may be all that can keep her pilots alive in a knife-fight deep behind enemy lines.
203 pages
COZEN’S WAR (book five)
The Privateers and the UN fleet have brought the fight to the Squidies’ home system where the Earth invasion fleet faces off against every ship the aliens can muster. Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but the price of victory may be a thousand more years of war.
131 pages

540 pages, 192K words


 HARDWAY cover2 .jpgcover ep02 workingep03 xx workingep04 TAIPAN workingep05 AMEN working


liberty fleet

The Liberty Fleet Trilogy

After victory in the 2164-2165 War, Humanity expands into the territory of an Imperium that has sworn to destroy them. The first shots of the new war echo through the surrounding systems as Humanity’s neighboring species must choose sides and fight with or against the local cluster’s newest upstart rebels.

2166 – Force Liberty – Only months after the ‘War of Alien Aggression’, Ram Devlin of the Staas Company Privateers ventures to Shedir 4 with the attack carrier Hardway and a new UN battleship. Pursued by a devastating Imperium warship, they seek allies and technology. Staas Company and the UN will stop at nothing to acquire what Earth needs to protect itself, but their gunboat diplomacy could cripple Humanity’s expansion by marking us as the galaxy’s most dangerous savages. Ram Devlin can’t allow that to happen, but before he can take control and bend the arc of history with his own hands, he’ll have to defeat an alien warship that possesses a fearsome weapon and displays no vulnerability.

2166 – Battle of Shedir – Captain Garlan Foet signs on with Ram Devlin’s Privateers and travels to the home of the insect Shediri to beef up the UN’s Task Force Liberty against an impeding attack on Humanity’s only allies. There are secret reasons Garlan was chosen for this mission, but his first duty is to his crew. There’s no room for anything else once the battle begins. As they and the Shediri prepare to meet a superior battlegroup in a fight they’re expected to lose, Ram Devlin of the carrier Hardway and Captain Chun Ye Men of the battleship Guerrero must come to grips with the fact that the stated purpose of their task force was a lie all along. The only option now is to find a way to make the lies they’ve been sold into the truth.

2166 Devlin’s War – Devlin’s Privateers and the battleship UNS Guerrero enlist the aid of the Shediri to breach space and transit to the home system of their newest enemy, the Ekkai. If Commodore Ram Devlin wants to prevent the freshly completed Privateer and UN fleet from annihilating all life on the enemy homeworld, then there’s no option for him but to advance ahead of the Earth invasion forces to engage the sprawling and stealthy Ekkai home fleet in battle and beat them into surrender with Task Force Liberty.

2166 - Force Liberty - A.D. Bloom

Battle of shedirDRAFT


The Otherworld Rebellion


2187 – Lt. Martin Samhain, son of the last man to ever attempt rebellion on Earth, is drafted by Staas Company Intelligence and sent to Otherworld to find fugitive war hero turned rebel, Ram Devlin. Samhain’s mission is to stop him before Earth’s largest off-world settlement, penal colony, and source of military contractors erupts in civil war.
88,000 words, 275 pages


Individual books in The War of Alien Aggression Series in chronological order:

Hardway (Book 1)

Kamikaze (Book 2)

Lancer (Book 3)

Dreadnought 2165 (Book 3.5)(added later)

Taipan (Book 4)

Combat Salvage 2165 (Book 4.5)(added later)

Cozen’s War (Book 5)

2166 – Force Liberty (Book 6)

2166 – Battle of Shedir (Book 7)

2166 – Devlin’s War (Book 8)

Pirates of Alcyone – 2180 (Book 8.5)

Box sets available:

The War of Alien Aggression. Box Set One, Books 1-5

The Liberty Fleet (War of Alien Aggression, Box Set Two, Books 6-8)

The Otherworld Rebellion (novel-length)

The author, A.D. Bloom, types loudly on an IBM M13 and other fine mechanical keyboards.

bookplate mining hardway LARGE

Here’s some crossview stereo shots I rendered up of ships in the books.

(stare at the center line and cross your eyes until you see a third, stereo image in the middle.)

LH50ACH (1)

(above) gunnery and torpedo junks


(above) Hardway, Bay 17. Redsuits gawk at SCS Tipperary while a pair of Bitzer 151s (133rd Lancers) launch to escort a torpedo junk. 2165

SCS Doxy (Staas Company freighter converted to escort carrier by Shediri, 2166) War of Alien Aggression

SCS Doxy launches Shediri Raiders (Staas Company Freighter converted by Shediri to escort carrier, 2166). Hardway in background.

4SI Hull #625 prototype ELINT ship

Hull #625, 4SI prototype ELINT ship on deep recon, snarfing full spectrum on the fringes of the AI Rim, 2176.

Chitin-hulled Shediri sneak boat

Chitin-hulled Shediri sneak-craft in the Trojans of Alcyone-8, 2180

Shediri sneak craft departs ICV Voracious after parlez _ gunboat merchant escorts in background

Shediri sneak-craft departing ICV Voracious and gunboat merchant escorts after parlez, 2180.

five hellgazer class destroyers at Draconis 2180

Hellgazer class UNS destroyers patrol Draconis, 2180.

armored bowcap of UNS Borneo DD escorts in BG 2180

Armored bowcap of UNS Borneo. Destroyer escorts Abrazza and Sentinel in BG, 2180

Absolom with n-space shunting panels

ICV Absolom with stealth shunting panels, 2187.

split aces_crossview

ICV Split Aces and her two junks, 2187.

ICV Andrea Laguna over the Atlantic

ICV Andrea Laguna ascending over the Atlantic, 2176

UNS Uncas and Shattuck over Otherworld 2187

UNS destroyers Uncas and Shattuck over Otherworld, 2187

4SI longboat and SCS Empress Kate

4SI longboat intercepts Staas Company Cutter Empress Kate, 2187


ELINT craft Hull 625 and 4SI longboat making for a shadow orbit on the Long Front, 2188


 My author page at Amazon

Guest blog post at Sanctuary 11811 re: the Japanese converted carrier Kaga and the space carrier Saratoga.

Breaching ship warms up

Crewmen on Hardway watch the breaching ship, SCS Tipperary, warming up to fire.

ec ma48


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  1. Greetings Galactic Scribe
    As a well read reader of space and spacer daring-do my hat’s off to a yarn teller who has real people in his stories. My time in our Navy explained to me no matter the intellect of the people involved on either side, The Ocean and Nature do not care or notice our actions. Oh and Luck is Real and fickle.
    Please continue as I have time and my lunch money to place in your pile to help the stories along.
    Respectfully, an Alien Stranded on Earth til I find a new Battery

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Excellent Series! I just read all 10 books over a vacation week on my boat! Looking forward to seeing how Devlin, the Shediri and Ekkai make out with our new buddies the Weirdlings! Thank you for writing it! Btw, how long until we see the next box set? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! (and thanks for reading it on a boat) I’m already writing the next book and hopefully it will be ready for release in just a couple more months. Cheers!


  3. I stumbled across your works by accident on Amazon. I am hooked. I read your books through Amazon Unlimited, but I liked them so much that I had to buy the box sets. Please tell me that you are working on more stories in the Hardway universe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The answer to your question is: Yes! War of Alien Aggression Box Set 3, The Otherworld Rebellion will be released in just a couple of months. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the series.


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